A Short Biography

Prof. (Dr.) A.A. Mohammad Kunhi has been working as a scientific researcher, teacher, educationist, head of educational and research institutions, food quality control manager etc. since 1973. 

Dr. Kunhi has been actively involved in scientific research and teaching in the areas of Food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, Recombinant DNA technology, Enzymology, Food Analysis and Quality Control etc. He has worked at Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod, India (7 months, as a Research Fellow), CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CSIR-CFTRI), Mysore, India (27 years, as a Senior Scientist), Institute for Biotechnological Studies, London, U. K. (1 year), Central Food Laboratory, Doha, Qatar (10 years, as Quality Control Manager), Qatar University, Doha, Qatar (7 years,  as a Visiting Professor at the Dept. of Health Sciences) and SAFI Institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor, Kerala, India (4 years, as the Principal cum Director, Research). Dr. A. A. Kunhi is presently working as the Principal at Peace Public School, Kasaragod, Kerala, India. 

Prof. Kunhi had his earlier education at Government Higher Secondary School, Kasaragod and Government College, Kasaragod, Kerala, India. He did his B.Sc. degree at Vijaya College, Mulki and JSS College, Mysore, Karnataka, India. He obtained his Master’s degree in Biosciences in 1973 and Ph. D. degree in Biochemistry in 1984 from the University of Mysore, India. In 1984-85 he did an International Postgraduate Diploma in Biotechnology at the then The Institute for Biotechnological Studies at London and Kent (UK) and a short NATO-organized Certificate Course in Biotechnology at Troia (Portugal). In 2004 he secured a Diploma in Arabic Language from the Institute of Languages, Doha (Qatar).

He was a Fellow of the United Nations University (Tokyo, Japan), during 1984-’85.

The major areas of his research have been gainful utilisation of agricultural and agro-industrial wastes for production of value-added food and industrial products, development of processes for treatment of industrial wastes containing toxic and hazardous chemical compounds and bioremediation of pesticides-contaminated soils and water bodies, through exploitation of microbial degradation capabilities. Inhibition of germination of crop seeds by chemicals such as chlorobenzoates, 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy acetic acid, phenol, cresols etc. and its elimination through amendment of the contaminated soils through bio-augmentation by inoculation with bacterial strains capable of degrading the chemicals also have been studied by Dr. Kunhi. His work also involved the studies on molecular and genetic basis of bacterial biodegradation processes. He has also worked on the microbial production of various industrial enzymes such as cellulases, amylases, proteases, keratinases, RNases, DNases etc. and also their functional improvement through gene cloning. Another area of his research has been the bioactivities (ACE-Inhibitory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial activities) of peptides derived from food proteins of both plant and animal origin. He has also worked on the antibacterial potentials of various plant extracts individually and in combinations and also their synergy with conventional antibiotics, particularly against multi-drug resistant pathogens. Dr. Kunhi also has worked on various aspects of food quality and safety assurance and certification.  

He has developed over 20 processes on food biotechnology and microbial and environmental biotechnologies, nutraceuticals and antibacterial agents, besides developing several analytical protocols through his research.

He has 6 Patents to his credit and has published about 160 research papers/abstracts, including 11 book chapters. He has presented more than 108 papers at National and International Symposia and Seminars.

He has been a regular post-graduate teacher of M.Sc. (Food Technol.) Course at CFTRI (affiliated to Mysore University, India) teaching Microbiology, Enzymology, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, and was a Visiting Professor at Qatar University teaching Food Chemistry and Food Quality & Safety. Presently, he he teaching and supervising students for their higher degrees in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry etc. at SIAS. He also has been delivering guest lectures at various universities and organizations in India and abroad.

He has supervised 26 students for Ph. D., M. Tech., M. Phil. & M. Sc. degrees in Food Technology, Microbiology, Applied Botany, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering of various universities.

He has been a member and office bearer of several professional associations. He has served as a member and panelist of several academic bodies of various universities and advisory boards of scientific funding agencies. He has been the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Biological Research (HK) (ISSN 2225-3203) and a reviewer of research papers for several other international peer reviewed microbiology and biotechnology journals.

Dr. Kunhi was born on 24th Dec. 1948 to Late Abdulla Haji Thuruthi and Ayeshabi at Anebagilu in Kasaragod, Kerala State, India.

His main hobbies have been religious studies, photography, videography, painting and acting and other theatrical activities.