Remya Govindan. Asha, B., and Kunhi, A.A.M. 2015. Production, partial purification and characterization of a thermostable and thermoactive alkaline protease from Bacillus sp. S-CSR-0001. National Conference “Role of biopharmaceuticals in achieving health by 2020” (NCRBH2k5), 10-11thJuly 2015, Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College, Coinbatore-641 048, Tamil Nadu, India. Abstract Book, p. 52.


A bacillus species isolated from soil designated as Bacillus sp. S-CSR-0001was found to be producing thermo stable alkaline protease enzyme. The enzyme showed its maximum activity at a pH of 9.5, and temperature 60o C.  Skim milk powder was found to be the appropriate substrate for maximum enzyme production at 2% concentration. The enzyme activity remained stable up to a temperature of 55°C and a pH of 9.5.The enzyme was partially purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation (80%) method, followed by protease assay and estimation. The specific activity of partially purified protease was 1500 U/mg. The study confirmed that the isolated Bacillus sp. S-CSR-0001 could be a good source of thermo active alkaline protease which can be exploited for pharmaceutical and industrials applications.