Thahsin A.P., Sajina A. and Kunhi A.A.M. 2016. Effect of Plant Derived Natural products, Growth Regulators and Light on Callus Induction of Aquilaria malaccensis Lam. (Agarwood tree), Abstract Book. National symposium on ‘Biosciences and Technology –Recent Developments and Future Prospects’, SIAS-Centre for Scientific Research, Safi Institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor, Malappuram, Kerala, p. 23.


An efficient protocol for callus induction in Aquilaria malaccencis L. has been standardised using partially mature leaf explants. Experiment was performed to examine the effect of growth regulators, natural products and light on callus induction. Callus induction within 15days was observed in MS medium supplemented with NAA (4.5mg/l) and BAP (2.0mg/l) and callus growth was 95% in 35 days. Cultures incubated in light of luminance 1000lux gave very good response compared to those incubated in diffused light and dark (80-100 lux and 0 lux) respectively. Coconut water and Tea extract were incorporated into MS medium at 20% concentration gave no positive response. 


Keywords: Callus induction, Aquilaria malaccencis, Agarwood tree.