Bincy Mol P.K., Shonima Govindan M. and Kunhi A.A.M. 2016. Extraction and Purification of Larvicidal Compound from Pogostemon quadrifolius against Culex quinquefasciatus. Abstract Book. National symposium on ‘Biosciences and Technology –Recent Developments and Future Prospects’, SIAS-Centre for Scientific Research, Safi Institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor, Malappuram, Kerala, p. 37.


The larvicidal potential of leaf extracts of Pogostemon quadrifolius was tested against the fourth instar larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus .Larvicidal susceptibility tests were carried out and the mortality was obserbved after 24 h exposure. Maximum larval mortality was detected in petroleum ether extract (LC50 0.112mg/ml) followed by acetone extract (LC50 0.0234 mg/ml).The phytochemical analysis of the potent extracts revealed the presence of alkaloids, flavanoids, saponins and terpenoids. Since petroleum ether extract exhibited high larvicidal activity, it was selected for purification by column chromatography. The PE extract was separated by column chromatography using toluene: ethyl acetate in varying volume. Maximum separation was observed in the proportion of 9:1 and yielded eight different compounds. The fractions were monitored by TLC to obtain single spots. All the recovered compounds were screened for their larvicidal activity and the sixth fraction was found to be active. The bioactive group was identified by standard qualitative analysis and was found to be a terpenoid. 


Keywords: P. quadrifolius, Larvicidal activity, Terpenoid.